How to Style my Tee? Style guide for your tees!

How to Style my Tee? Style guide for your tees!

How to style your tee? Style guide from WPO


The biggest question is how to style our tees and a style guide or tips and tricks that work best with tees! So here is the best go! I am a jeans and tee girl every day except Sunday! Dresses on Sunday and tees and jeans every other day! :) So I always have my tees a bit looser fitting (mom of 4 kids it kind of needs a bit of extra room!) and then I am always doing a front tuck just of the extra length of the tee into my jeans! Right over where a fancy belt buckle can pop or just a nice little tuck for a jean fit! 


You can tuck them in all the way around as another option! Then it won't blow up in the breeze - if your from our windy southern AB then this is relatable haha! Another fav with loose or oversized tees is the hair tie trick! just tie the extra to the side with a little hair tie! We have the tie trick on our IG stories under style guide and a post if your hunting it down! 


You can't go wrong with the tee color with jeans! Truly on the darker navy tees that are similar to a dark wash jean just pair em with a light wash jean or rock it with a dark wash jean and navy top is just fine! I wear every color of tee out there and all with jeans! 


How to dress my tee up? Easy! you can pair our tees with cute jean skirts or jean mini skirts or midi or short skirts and tuck them in all the way around to emphasis the skirt and band! Pair it with shorts jean or other cotton mixes and tuck the tee in! Leave the tee out for a long look with some tight under shorts is an option too! 

Dress it up some more? Jeans and tee - tuck the tee in all the way around and then add a cute cardigan, sweater, blazer or a punchy jacket! A jean jacket for that redneck tuxedo vibe! That is me and the husband finally noticed what I was wearing! :) 

Boots? For a complete look my go to is my Lechera Rancherr Boot Company shoes! They are comfy and my feet don't ache at the end of the day! So a win win! they also wash up nice with a pressure wash! Oh and we try to have them in stock most of the time! They sell pretty quick so be sure to grab your size when you see your fav pair! 


Hat? We have you covered there too! Our exquisite burned rancher hat collection is honestly one of a kind! You can have a very unique limited edition hat burned with western or floral designs and a light or dark color option and that just completes the outfit! So be sure to grab your hat shoes and tee all in one stop right here at Wild Prairie Outpost - the outpost of the west! Home of the Cowgirl subscription box! :) 


Let me know your styling tips I am always up for a chat so send an email or DM me on Instagram, Facebook, tik tok! We are on Pinterest too so hope to see you out there somewhere and as always love to hear from you! 


Nita  - Wild Prairie Outpost - xx

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