New Year New Plans and New Products

New Year New Plans and New Products

Hey Hey, 


Welcome to the blog! I have big plans to show you all the cool things behind the scenes and the making of a western brand on printed apparel for cowboys cowgirls and the littles! So here is my January post at the eleventh hour on the last day of January 2024! 


How did that happen so fast! So no those new years plans of January goals are all gone haha and we have got down to the hard reality of this is how its going and what will be! 

New Products - our valentines collection is live with our hand made poured candles in the wooden turquoise heart and a blend of Pink! Then we have a collection of tees for the heart felt cowgirl and for the reminder to the Cowboy to buy the flowers on the tee wear it and see if he notices! :) Our prairie kids collection - well its all on sale of stocked boutique items and then new stock is rolling out in February! yay! 

What is happening behind the scenes - we have done a full website refresh and we are also setting up our custom and drop ship printing on its very own website and so excited for that to launch early February! That was supposed to be a January plan! Another Jan plan that's now early Feb is the wholesale on the WPO website! Its coming in and I am beyond excited for that! 


The plans - well very soon WPO will have its own little workshop warehouse space for the printing packing orders and all the work and product photos and I just can't wait to share that all with you on the gram! Little scared little nervous but excited for my house to be a home again and the workplace to be a commute accross the yard! So hopefully comes together in February! 


So with that - how was your January? What goals have we just decided to move to 2025? I am right there with you! haha! So bring it on February! 

Chat soon, 


xx Nita! 

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