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Lechera Rancherr Boot Cowhide sz 6.5 (B)

Lechera Rancherr Boot Cowhide sz 6.5 (B)

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cowhide lechera rancher boot this is size 6.5 photos are of exact boot with no filters or edits and in natural lighting. 

Sized at 6.5 and please draw your foot measure toe to heel in cm and then match that to these cm measurements below: 24.5cm heel to toe. 

notes: they do not have a box to come with this time - call it growing pains of a loved brand! The boxes can’t keep up with the shoes. Secondly - shipping - I have set these to just charge you the rate that is available to your area. So directly passing the shipping cost to you.

lastly, if your local and order online I can refund your shipping part if your charged with a local address and want delivery. 

 Option B - there are 2 options 

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