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Wild Prairie Outpost

Homestead, Homegrown, Homeschool Tee

Homestead, Homegrown, Homeschool Tee

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The homesteader tee! home stead home school home grown collection is coming to life with our first tee! Admit it - its a vibe and we are all digging it! In some way this western ranch lifestyle the ranch mom we are all doing a little something to homestead and provide for our families and kids and we are doing the best thing trying to home school or raise the kids the best way we know how! I feel this tee speaks volumes where ever you are in the journey or maybe its a dream you have one day aspiring to be there! So grab the tee start the dream or live the dream in a tee that just values exactly that hope! 


**Ordering details: choose size then choose color then choose your design print! there is options the line version just means the black outline drawing with no color. so shirt color black sketch - cool option! We have both a pink flower version and if pink is not your thing take the yellow sunflowers! 


Please note - all orders take 15 days for turn around as they are made to order. 

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